Catering and Hospitality Services


Check out the menu onboard and just call what you need.

  • Set Menu for 5 up to 200 pax for set price
  • Snack and sandwich selections for a quick trip.
  • Lunch/Dinner table arrangements and hospitality services for your family and guests.
  • Customised buffets and cuisines** ( Gluten-free , Oil-free , Nut-free)
  • Alcholic and Non-Alcholic Coctail and Bar organizations.
  • Special occasions party arrangements (B-day, Anniversary, Celebration)
  • Shopping List Service**

** We do have private service to fill up your food and beverage in your kitchen therefore also a  shopping list service. This service is free only for our members that is in our Best Yacht Management Service Club list.

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Let us know your requirements so we can assist in managing your yacht.

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